5 ways to reduce your palm oil consumption

... at least sometimes! As I have outlined in my previous post, the ubiquitous usage of palm oil as a cheap ingredient causes utter devastation in rainforests, esp. in Indonesia on the island of Borneo and Sumatra where it drove the Orang Utan, the Sumatran tiger and elephant to near extinction. Only recently, it was …

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What makes cheap vegetable oil unaffordable

Look at this picture to see how the rainforest on the tropical island of Borneo a disappearing at a staggering rate as this picture from rainforestsos.com shows: What might be the reason for this? If you have watched the recent BBC programme Red Ape: Saving the Orang Utan the chilling truth becomes very clear. Our cousins …

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Plastic-free Life – Taking Action

It's not enough to moan and then shrug your shoulders thinking: "Poor little me, what can I do?" In response to the rather bleak outlook in one of my earlier posts, I thought about alternatives and how we can take positive action instead of scapegoating and always relying on somebody else to do it. Please …

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