Eco-friendly cleaning on a budget

In one of my previous posts, I outlined briefly what products I had found in my kitchen cupboard. In the meantime, these have all been replaced with just 5-6 ingredients with an average cost of about £2 per pack, all of which can then be used as versatile ingredients to make laundry liquid, washing up …

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What makes cheap vegetable oil unaffordable

Look at this picture to see how the rainforest on the tropical island of Borneo a disappearing at a staggering rate as this picture from shows: What might be the reason for this? If you have watched the recent BBC programme Red Ape: Saving the Orang Utan the chilling truth becomes very clear. Our cousins …

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Plastic-free Life – Taking Action

It's not enough to moan and then shrug your shoulders thinking: "Poor little me, what can I do?" In response to the rather bleak outlook in one of my earlier posts, I thought about alternatives and how we can take positive action instead of scapegoating and always relying on somebody else to do it. Please …

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