A poem for baby

As the due date for your baby to be born draws near, all you seem to do is attend appointments (midwife, antenatal classes, pregnancy yoga perhaps, maybe another scan, hospital tour) and making the final arrangements. You’re trying to be on top of everything, getting organised to the “nth” degree only to realise “this” cannot be planned, obviously (unless you’re scheduled for an elective caesarian).

But then we stop for a while, probably wisely, realising that not doing much apart from listening to your body, your feelings and intuition as well as resting and getting some gentle exercise is the healthiest option, physically and mentally.

The following poem I found on the La Leche League UK website encompasses that very well, also in view of the “real thing” that comes afterwards. I think it speaks for itself and there is nothing more for me to be said.

Dear Mama


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