Homemade laundry liquid


I was a bit sceptical at first and then I gave it a go and tried it: my first homemade laundry liquid. I skipped the stage to go entirely botanical though, as you can find suggestions to simply use ivy as a basis and where I live that stuff is absolutely ubiquitous strangling every other tree almost to death. Remembering that ivy can be poisonous (the American variety) I wasn’t so sure anymore. It’s said not to be present in the UK, the RHS classes it as a skin irritant, but make sure you check first before endeavouring to do an experiment like this.

I, therefore, went to the local hardware store and bought some old fashioned laundry soap and washing soda, mixed it, boiled it several times and filled it into an old instant coffee glass jar. And it works. The washing soda and the soap have cost me £3 altogether and I have so far only used 4 Tbs of the soda and 30g of grated soap to make it so it will last me for several more.

You can find a very good recipe here and be inspired to do a lot more. It’s great for your budget your health and ultimately it benefits the environment and hence every one of us.

And believe it or not, even my husband, who is indeed better at doing the laundry and keeping the house clean than me thinks it works!

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