Eco-friendly cleaning: start-up


On the quest towards a more eco-friendly life, it is easy to despair once you realise how much plastic is part of our everyday life, along with multiple ingredients in cleaning products and skin care products etc. that are anything but eco-friendly. So where should we start? I decided to begin with my kitchen cupboard.

What I found were the following items:

  1. Dishwasher taps (each wrapped in plastic foil)
  2. Liquid soap dispensers
  3. Spray bottles of multi-purpose cleaners
  4. Mr Muscle kitchen work-top cleaner
  5. Plastic sponges and cloths
  6. Washing up liquid in squeezy plastic bottles
  7. Rinse Aid for the dishwasher in a plastic bottle
  8. Laundry liquid
  9. Delicates laundry liquid
  10. Floor soap
  11. Furniture polish
  12. Oven pride

I decided to replace each of those one-by-one. I have already made a start with the homemade laundry liquid. Another one will follow every other day. To start off with a list may help to search and find out what to replace these products with.

The next one is multi-purpose spray.

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