Two Ideas for a Natural Baby Bath Time

In the winter, when we need to cover up in many layers of clothing and the cold weather can make our skin feel dry and itchy.  A good soak in warm water without any unnecessary additives can do wonders. The best thing is to probably not smother your baby’s skin in too many products if you can possibly help it. You will want to help your baby’s skin to re-hydrate and relieve itching and redness and/or nappy rash.

Trying to make my body care more eco-friendly and healthier for myself and my family, I would like to share a few more ideas with you which greatly helped with my daughters nappy rash and general well-being. Other than that, there is a lot you can do to care for your baby’s skin without too many creams and potions. I have got to say, that she has never been prone to it – another way to debunk the myth of reusable nappies causing nappy rash.

However, if you have more serious problems such as eczema or psoriasis these little tips might of course not be helpful just on their own. This is only advisable for minor problems and always check with your GP first



I have tried both of these versions (both for my baby and for myself) and it certainly is a different experience but I can safely vouch for their skin healing properties.

  1. Oat bath

Just add a 3-4 tbsp to your baby’s bath water in his baby bathtub. At about 37 C, which is a safe bath water temperature for your baby as it is body warmth, the oats will release minerals such as Zinc and Magnesium as well as Vitamin E and be very soothing for your baby’s skin


2. Wheatgerm bath

Add about 50 g/2 oz to your baby’s bath water. The properties are as stated above for the oat bath. Carbohydrates and proteins help to nourish and hydrate the skin.

The volume of water is about the same you would have in a standard size baby bathtub which is about 10 l. Double the amount for the big bathtub if you want to enjoy these special baths yourself.

Don’t worry about the mess – just rinse it off afterwards (both of your baby’s skin and/or your own and the tub) and put a sieve on top of the drain.

Have fun!

Josephine xx

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