Just a piece of cake?

Spending the Saturday before Easter sitting in front of a friend’s shop in a small town in south-west Scotland isn’t going to rock the world. It is going to be very low-key. I have spent Wednesday morning baking three cakes (all Fair Trade, organic and one gluten-free) to do some fundraising for International Animal Rescue. The campaign I latched myself on to is called Cake4Apes. And, yes – I have a soft spot for our hairy orange-coloured cousins.




(Photo by Fabrizio Frigeni on Unsplash)

Looking at the work of someone like Polly Higgins one cannot feel anything but being totally humbled by the dedication and devotion.

Not that long ago, I had a look at the devastation holding sway in the natural habitats of orangutans and millions of other species less skilled at successful PR (such as insects and other invertebrates).

The truth about it is: it is our duty (as old-fashioned as it may seem) to take on responsibility for our actions. I have written about this before and a lot of my writing over the past few months has been about needing to take a step back and how our manic and insatiable greed and consumerism is destroying our planet. I haven’t poured that much of my thoughts into this blog, but I have mainly been adding the finishing touches to my book and the online course (Becoming a “greener” parent).


taylor-grote-309695-unsplash(Photo by Taylor Grote on Unsplash)

So join in, enjoy the cake (palm oil free!!) and I’ll let you know how much money I have been able to raise.

Josephine xx

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