Five Green Footprints

Looking at the past week’s news, I thought I’d include some uplifting items in my new weekly post. I will include five interesting and newsworthy things in a short post which I have found either important, inspirational or intriguing. So look out for it every Monday.


Despite usually being portrayed as the chief polluters of our environment and especially the oceans, there is a truly inspirational “Zero Waste Movement” going on in Asia. Three young women share their ideas on how they gave up plastic.

And despite the fact that most of the plastic rubbish in the oceans comes from just ten rivers (mainly from China, Vietnam, Indonesia), it does well to bear in mind that we used to send a lot of our rubbish there for them to dispose of it (28,000 tonnes of plastic from the UK alone in just one month in 2017!). Conclusion: we all use and throw away far too much. And they have had just about enough of it.

That brings us to another thing: Hugh’s and Anita’s programme “War on Plastic”  in the UK starts tonight at 9 pm. Just look at the bloke’s expression at being told that most of the wet wipes most of use on a daily basis contain plastic!

There is a scheme coming up to recycle disposable nappies. 187 billion are thrown away every year. This still won’t solve the problem of the pollution that is created by the manufacturing process in the first place and the need to produce so much more than is needed by a TRULY reusable product. And the energy used to recycle them needs to be generated as well. Conclusion: the versatile terry nappy is still the best!

And last but not least: look at Norway’s bottle deposit scheme that could save the oceans.


Josephine x

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