Five Green Footprints

I’ll start off with some more regional news this week if you don’t mind me. I am sure though that these bits of uplifting news are representative of what is going on in our society across the globe at present. Let’s be optimistic!

1.Zero Waste Space is based in Dumfries & Galloway and is creating pop-up shops across the area. They sell reusable straws in lovely cotton bags, reusable washing-up pads and an alternative to paper towels. I loved to see some of their products in a “wee” pop-up shop in Gatehouse of Fleet last Saturday.


2.Looking at similar projects nation-wide, visit Zero Waste Scotland to find out where Revolve Re-use stores are located. You can shop for clothes, children’s clothes and furniture and miscellaneous household items.

3. Crowdfunding Appeal – Extinction Rebellion

The Extinction Rebellion demonstration blocked the North Bridge in Edinburgh on April 16th. Twenty-nine people were arrested, and have been charged with breach of the peace. They intend to challenge this charge and have required both legal advice and representation in court. The cost is up to £900 per person which some of those arrested cannot afford. Donations can be made online. The donation process lets you send a message of support – please enter “In support of the North Bridge 29”.

4.I have been looking for alternatives to the juggernaut online retailer Amazon. As a great new option, try the recently launched initiative Veopolis, a cooperative online marketplace. You can get registered as a vendor on it too.

I am also an avid reader, so Amazon used to be my first port of call. For children’s books try Snazal books. World of books is a good book wholesaler, too.

5.Kokoso now sells bars of soap. They have lovely liquid soap too, but thinking of reducing single-use plastics in our household as much as I can, I was thrilled to see their new “shea butter and coconut oil”- soaps. They are mild and work great on both skin and hair. child-645451_1280

Have a good week!

And as a little aside – my YouTube Videos on how to make your own liquid soap and washing-up liquid are now online.

Josephine x

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