Five Green Footprints

It’s Monday again and time for a few useful and optimistic snippets of “green” information.

1.Let’s start with a product that has found its way into our household and more specifically into our bathroom: Eco-Friendly Deodorant.

This award-winning natural deodorant is made on the Isle of Wight and really ticks all the boxes – along with being effective. See for yourself.


2.We went out for a family picnic in the woods and then dipped our feet into the Irish Sea afterwards. We brought our reusable bamboo mugs and a stainless steel box for our sandwiches. No need for plastic wrapping! We got some takeaway coffee in our mugs and in case you are wondering which brand we went for, it’s Ecoffeecup. Read more on ratings of other brands here. And find the perfect stainless steel box here.


3.To continue in this vein: Ecobambooware is an excellent alternative to the plastic or paper party-ware plates. With the BBQ’s out again this time of year, it is well worth a thought. Another retailer is Eden & Willow, especially for kids sippy cups and tableware.

4.The next bit takes it a bit further: there is not a SINGLE best solution to all our society’s and our planet’s problems, such as “we should all become vegan”. But it is a very important one. Bohemian Hippy have four focal points at the core of their campaign: Animals, World Hunger, Global Warming and Health.

I saw these guys at Lush Soaps in Buchanan Street in Glasgow and I think they are doing a great job campaigning. It is worthwhile knowing more about what they are doing, not least to amend some of the common misconceptions around vegetarianism and veganism. Ultimately, we all need to be more aware of what we consume and how much of it.


5.And last but not least for this week: Research into using seaweed to produce biofuel has been on the go for some years now. The Global seaweed STAR-Programme funded by the GCRF (Global Challenges Research Found) is now also looking into the socio-economic impacts of seaweed farming, primarily in the Philippines, Tanzania and Indonesia. The aims are protecting the crop from pests and diseases and paving the way to the sustainable growth of this global industry. Seaweed is one of the alternatives to fossil fuels, although we still need to consider more possible options. The good news is: important steps are made in the right direction.seaweed-270426_1280

Have a good week!

Josephine x

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