Five Green Footprints

Hello, it’s Monday. Again. July. Warm. Thunder-y. Breezy. Hot. Despite or because of all this, I hope you’ll enjoy some of the links below.

1.When I was looking for some new Bamboo toothbrushes for me and my family last week, I spotted this rather inspiring site &Keep. Along with sites like Big Green Smile, the Ethical Superstore or Ecco Verde/Biolindo it is a great online retailer for ethical, sustainable and organic products.


2.Summer is in full swing now (at least I thought it was, but we have luckily been spared a proper heatwave up here so far). So, I have been looking more closely at natural sunscreen brands over the past week. Check out my post, as well as Amazinc and Shade on their respective websites.


3.Unsurprisingly, I am a reusable nappy devotee. Of course, I  was very interested to hear that TotsBots and Imse Vimse came out top of the list after having been rated by the Ethical Consumer. Products are tested in different categories such as Environment, Animals, People in Politics to see how sustainable the business is run when it comes to resources, animal testing and fair wages etc. To know more, I can only encourage you to have a look at their website and subscribe to their highly relevant and informative

4.The best menstrual cups according to the Ethical Consumer, are Fair Squared, Totm, Mooncup and Organicup. The best reusable pads are made by Imse Vimse and Lunapads.


5.I made myself watch Hugh & Anita’s War on Plastic again. Painful to see all that, but we can’t sit back and pretend it’s just not happening. What do you think about the fact that bottled water is 500 times more expensive than tap water? Watch Hugh testing “Tapineau”.bottle-2318589_1280

Have a good (and green) week!

Josephine x

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