Homemade Granola quick and easy


Homemade granola is a good alternative to well-known brands like Kellog’s, Nestlé or supermarket-owned ones. They usually contain too much sugar and the packaging is hardly ever recyclable. Even if it says so on the packet, there is no guarantee the council will take it.

Other issues are the microplastics which can come off the plastic wrapping and are consequently shed into our food. Read more about BPA, BPS and BPF and their impact on our health.

Granola Recipe

500 g porridge oats (use buckwheat flakes to go gluten-free)

6-8 tbsp of vegetable oil

6-8 tbsp of honey, Agave nectar, Treacle or Golden syrup (Be aware that Treacle or Golden syrup increase the glycaemic index)

Add nuts of your choice, desiccated coconut, dark chocolate chips, seeds and dried fruit to your liking.

Pour all of the ingredients into a frying pan, caramelise it all on high heat. When it starts to smell nice and caramel-like, leave it for another minute or two before taking it off the hob. Transfer it directly into a suitably sized bowl to stop the cooking process and let it cool, before transferring it into a storage container. Kilner Glass jars are great for this.

All of this takes about 15-20 min to make (cooling down process excluded).


You will probably find it is not as crunchy as store-bought granola. It only indicates the copious amounts of sugar which are used to make the granola we get from supermarket chains.

If you want to add a little more crunch to your homemade one you can always increase the amount of syrup or honey you are using.

Enjoy with milk or yoghurt (it is also good with non-dairy kinds of milk such as almond or coconut milk!).

Josephine x

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