Five Green Footprints

It is already a week into “Plastic-free July” and posts on tips and ideas on how to do this are dominating the media. Here are a few of the top picks.

1.Greenpeace is currently drawing out a plan to protect our oceans: The Global Ocean Treaty. Apart from plastic pollution, oceans face their greatest threats by industrial fishing and deep-sea mining. dolphin-203875_1280

Sign the petition #ProtectTheOceans to safeguard the oceans and all Life on Earth.

2.In keeping with “Plastic-Free July”, look at this fantastic and truly empowering website Breakfreefromplastic. The movement has truly become global, and those who have often been unfairly blamed to be the worst culprits (i. e. Asian countries) are right at the forefront fighting the billions of tonnes of wastes polluting their beautiful beaches. You can join as a representative of your own group or as an individual supporter.

3.Continuing in this vein, watch this truly inspiring switch to banana leaf wraps in supermarkets in Bali. It is really quite simple: they do what used to be common practice only 1-2 generations ago. That just shows the damage that has already been inflicted by over-use of single-use plastics in what is just a flicker of a microsecond in the time-scale of life on earth or the universe.


4.We’ll stay in Asia for a “wee” while. I admit, I do love my rice, which is unsurprising, as I grew up with it as a child in Indonesia and I still prefer it to potatoes and pasta and most other grains. But there are issues. To get an idea which brands are ethical in terms of workers’ rights (FairTrade) and organically and sustainably grown, stay informed with the Ethical Consumer Guide on rice. Tesco, Asda and Morrison are to be avoided. Tell me something new ;).


5.Back to Europe then. Let’s admit it: most of us are addicted to wet wipes and most mums would claim you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT do without these things. Let me assure you: YES, WE CAN! I promise to explain how in one of my next posts.

Problem: “Fine to flush” is not always fine to flush. Look at the fatberg in Sidmouth which is the biggest South West Water has ever discovered. A 250-metre long one in Whitechapel in London weighed as much as nineteen elephants. Which is a lot!

Best alternative: wipe your babies bum and face with a flannel (not the same one, of course!).

Have a good (and as plastic-free as possible) week!

Josephine x


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