Five Green Footprints

1.70,000. Just a number? This is currently going viral. According to a new study at the University of Victoria, the average American ingests more than 70,000 microplastic particles a year. This should also be very much representative of the average Western or Central European person. The health effects are still unclear, but some of these pieces are small enough to enter human tissues, where they could trigger immune reactions or release toxic substances.  Read the report on Technology networks and ScienceDaily.

I would once again like to stress the following fact: We DO NOT have a recycling problem. All of that rubbish shouldn’t have been produced in the first place!


2.The “Big Climate Conversation” to discuss Scotland’s climate change targets will start tomorrow. The first six engagement events have been scheduled in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Stirling, Portree, Fort William and Orkney. Check here for dates and to register on Eventbrite if you want to take part.

3.Part of this is the restoration of the Caledonian Forest and the safeguarding of its wildlife. Browse on Trees For Life website and see some of the excellent work they are doing.


4.A bit further afield, positive, resurgent news is emerging from the Amazonian Rainforest. 1/2 million acres are now protected as they have won their appeal against Ecuador’s government. This has jeopardized a 7 million acre oil drilling scheme. Thumbs up #Waorani Resistance.


5. And at home? Look at my LoofCo plastic-free kitchen cleaning kit. No more disposable sponges, sponge towels or plastic washing-up brushes. Try retailers like The Ethical Superstore or &Keep. They do a great job and aren’t that difficult to clean. You can even pop them in the dishwasher. And they are compostable – so, nothing goes to landfill either.


Have a good week!

Josephine x

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