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5 Green Footprints

I had to miss last week’s news’ post due to my toddler’s illness. She is now recovered, so I can now concentrate on what’s going on in the world of green and zero waste living.

1.I was thrilled to hear that the Indian tiger population has made a remarkable recovery thanks to conservation issues. This is why this weeks post is dedicated to them and those who have made such a brilliant effort to restore it. It has increased by 30% since 2014. There are still only 3,000 individuals, but there are faring much better compared to their Sumatran cousins – they are down to less than 400.

2.I don’t know about you, but I really want the efforts of “Plastic-free July” to continue. It is a challenge as any attempt at changing our habits would be, but here is some uplifting news: Sales of plastic bags by England’s biggest supermarkets have fallen by 90% since 2015. There is still far too much of it around, but it is a start. Being quite radical, I would like to see it banned altogether, but sometimes one has to be grateful that at least some changes are happening, however small.

3.This has gone viral already, but I feel I need to point it out again to show my admiration for the record-breaking mass movement that enabled a country to get together to plant trees. They managed to plant 350 million in just one day. It is possible!. Even some government offices were shut for the day to allow civil servants to join in.

4.And another good thing: if you thought that “green” energy was so much more expensive, think again. it is not as though we have a choice. We absolutely need to stop using fossil fuels, there is no alternative if we want to survive! Now, here is the interesting bit: costs for renewable energy have fallen between 11 to 26% depending on what type of energy source it is we are using. I am just about to look into it more closely to switch from one of the big companies to one that is just as reliable, probably better value and sustainable. I will let you know!

5.Stop the Stuffocation! Yes, I am absolutely engrossed in it at the moment. I am talking about the book Stuffocation by James Wallman. The pun is intended. We are suffocating in too much stuff. He convincingly argues how our economy is based on the principle of spending more to have more – at the tremendous human and environmental cost we are seeing right in front of our eyes. If we seek status in material goods (i. e. materialism) we are fooled into believing that we will be happier once we have got the bigger house, faster car, diamond ring, the £50,000 wedding in a chateau, you name it. The true strength of the book is the author’s ability to illustrate different ways how this can be achieved. He does not fall into the trap of wanting to offer a single solution of wanting to put the world to right. There are many ways and choices and inspirational examples of brave people who were brave enough to take their lives into their own hands. See some full-length reviews on Goodreads.

Have a great week – without too much stuff.

Josephine x

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