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5 Green Footprints

Hello again, and apologies for another delay. This time, we were struck by lightning on Saturday night. Meanwhile, the neighbours got flooded and had decided to build a dam to redirect the water from the burn. This obstructed our only way out, so we were left cooped up. without power and consequently no internet. It was an interesting experience. Luckily, the power came back on before nightfall and I was able to rustle up something to eat. It just shows you how reliant we are on electricity for indeed about everything these days. It didn’t matter so much as it is only mid-August, and therefore we can still enjoy the longer daylight hours. However, there is definitely a chill in the air reminding us that summer is drawing to a close.

1.The World Orang Utan Day is only another five days away. I did some fundraising back in April for “Cakes for Apes”. Last month, the focus was very much on plastic, but unsustainable palm oil is just as much of a threat. Come and join in and take #OrangUtanAction by shopping sustainably. Find out more about the dangers of unsustainable palm oil and organisations to tackle the problem.

2.And another favourite of mine. I am sorry, I can’t help it: It was also World Elephant Day on 12th August! My 18-month old toddler is growing increasingly obsessed with these wonderful, prehistoric-looking creatures. It is not too late and you can still sign the petition like another 28,000 people!

Image by luxstorm from Pixabay

3.A very interesting scheme has been launched in Rome to encourage plastic recycling: people can recycle their plastic bottles in plastic compactors and use the money towards their travel. It is called “Recicli i viaggi” – “Recycle and travel”. We’ll see how it goes!

4.Just to get the numbers right: 3.650,000 tonnes of waste that is dispatched from the UK to developing countries each year has been linked to the deaths of up to one million people. Read this truly mind-boggling report #turnofftheplastictap on @MetroUK. Our waste should NOT be their problem! Sometimes children as young as seven are forced into labour by backstreet recycling gangs. I am sorry, this isn’t very uplifting, but we cannot turn away from the truth if it makes us feel uncomfortable. 

5.Most of us will have heard of it by now, but I still found this article on the “Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch” very enlightening. Another series of mind-boggling figures: 79,000 tons of plastic are floating in an area spanning 1.6 million square kilometers (about 618,000 square miles). Sit down, take a deep breath and read on.

Have a good week!

Josephine x

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