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1.The “Big Climate Conversation” is an event hosted by the Scottish Government across the country. And I will be going to this event. And I am going to bring my daughter. I hope she’ll be able to keep still (quite a challenge for an 18-months old toddler). Some very important questions are going to be addressed. I hope there are going to be many of us to ask questions and to learn more.

2.If a woman with two teenage sons tells you that you should think twice before having any children yourself you are bound to feel at least a mild onset of irritation. So did I. But after I read the full article, my opinion slightly changed. She is not saying: do not have any children. She is promoting the concept of smaller families. The central idea reads something like this and is being put to us as a question:

A world with more people with less or a world with fewer people with more?

It is about the empowerment of women. In that case, I will absolutely subscribe to it and not in a misandrist (as opposed to misogynist) way. It is also for those who do make a choice and forgo to have children, then these women (or people) should not be discriminated against.

I am always thinking of my grandmother who had her two daughters (my aunties) when there were bombs falling every night in the midst of the Second World War. I am glad that did not deter her. There were shortages of food. In the UK, rationing only ended in 1954. Her brother was missing in Russia and interred in Siberia as a prisoner of war. My father was born after the war when it all still looked pretty grim. One could argue: that was different. It wasn’t a global threat. No? I am sure it was and we can still feel the reverberations of the huge calamity to this day. People surely would have thought that the end of the world was upon them after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And that was only the start to set the American and Soviet war economy in motion. The Cold War and the nuclear threat. Then the Korean war followed. And Vietnam. And many more. A feeling that the world may come to an end, that our livelihood is under threat has always been part of human existence. But not having children at all is not the answer. Smaller families – certainly (which, by the way, has already been happening in Western society for quite some time now). But if we give up hope it is too late already.

Read more on Earthovershoot and 8 Billion Angels.

Image by Eak K. from Pixabay

3.Climate Emergency @gretathunberg.

4.Using water filters can become a bit of an obsession. My husband won’t believe me, but the water tastes markedly different when filtered. And living in an old house with very old pipes I believe it is a necessity. I have been using Brita for a long time. When recycling them became ever more difficult, I gave the charcoal filter by Black&Blum a try. It takes quite a long time (at least an hour) to be effective and you would need several of them to have enough water filtered. Best is overnight, so at least 8 hours. I still think it is worth a try and I am hoping to look into it more closely. It is supposed to help reduce chlorine in the water and fortifies it with minerals such as calcium. It lasts 6 months (much longer than the Britax filters) and there is no plastic involved (well, apart from the vacuum packaging, unfortunately).

5.Sustainable toilet paper? Does such a thing exist? There is perhaps with at least less plastic packaging involved – in this case, none, it just comes in a box with the toilet rolls in it. Their policy statement is promising: “Greencane Paper is a tree saving solution for a group of everyday products. We have replaced 70% of the timber usually found in these products with recycled sugarcane and fast renewable bamboo. Greencane Paper is GMO and BPA free and all packaging is compostable with no plastic”.


Have a good week!

Josephine x

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