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It’s that time again already! I have some more links lined up for you this week, although the fact that the Amazon rainforest is on fire is unlikely to have escaped you. Plastic was very much in focus throughout the whole of July, now climate change is right at the forefront – which is a good thing.

This is my list for this week:

1.The Amazon is often described as the “green lung” of our planet. A moniker like that should not have us forget, that the rainforests of Asia and Africa are just as much under threat. The Amazon, however, seems to be best in attracting publicity and can in that way be representative for the exploitation of all the other forests of the world. This is Ecocide at its worst. According to the late Polly Higgins, acts of willful destruction of natural habitats should be treated as crimes against humanity. I couldn’t agree more, because ultimately that is what it is. I wonder what Jair Bolsonaro thinks about that. Unfortunately, he probably isn’t going to care that much.

The problem here is the waste of valuable resource that is going on. It is sustainable forest management we need. We seem to have forgotten how to work with it. Who, for example, remembers pollarding?

Image by Ria Sopala from Pixabay

2.OK. You are not vegan. You are not vegetarian. But it should still be of interest to all so-called omnivores to stop cruel long-distance transports of animals to abattoirs. Find out more if you want to support “Compassion in World Farming“. Most of all those who eat meat cannot avert their eyes from cruel suffering these poor creatures are subjected to through cruel farming practices, live exports and long-distance journeys.

3.Earlier in the month, the UK Government announced that Glasgow would host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference if the UK/Italy joint bid turned out to be successful. These Conference’s (COP) are massive events and we can expect huge numbers of people to arrive in Glasgow.

You can read the full response by Stop Climate Chaos here.

Their Chair Tom Ballantine is saying:

“We are delighted that Glasgow will host COP26 next year if the bid is successful, and look forward to welcoming Governments, campaigners and civil society to Scotland.

“COP is a rare opportunity for representatives of poorer countries most impacted by climate chaos to stand in front of and demand more from the wealthy countries with the most responsibility for causing it. With the world set to visit Scotland, we need to seize the opportunity and give ourselves something to really shout about if we host COP.”

4.Friends of the Earth are aiming to persuade all the political parties to commit to the legislation of a “Plastic Pollution Bill” by 2020. Sounds promising, bearing in mind that they were instrumental to have the Endangered Species Act implemented in 1976, The Household Waste and Recycling Act in 2003 (they helped write the legislation to get green bins to your door) and last but certainly not least the Climate Change Act in 2008. Complete a form at

5.And finally, I have been very busy harvesting in our orchard. I have been making some jam and cakes with the fresh damsons, plums and apples. No need to buy any fruit flown in from New Zealand or elsewhere, no plastics, no pesticides – lovely. My promise: I am going to share some recipes with you over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, my husband and daughter are enjoying their cakes and fresh fruit straight off the tree 🙂20190825_171459

Have a good week!

Josephine x

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