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1.There has been a lot of theorising going on. Words like overshoot or systemic change are directly linked to climate change. Given that we are not only dealing with words or theoretical concepts but very real threats, learning a bit more about it will help to get us all up to date. What are we actually talking about? What are the problems that cause climate change? Climate change as such cannot be reversed, we can only do something about the problems that cause it. Read more on Ecowatch in an article by Richard Heinberg.

2.Directly linked to it is our use of energy sources. We are obviously using too much and our demand to generate more electricity is ever more increasing, but what are the alternatives? To naively say that fossil fuels and nuclear power are bad and need to be banned won’t solve the problem. Listen to a podcast where the world’s leading energy experts share their insights on the most important global news stories about the energy transition. This link also has a transcript of the episode.

wind-turbine-1008679_1280Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

3.And these pictures will perhaps silence all those who still think they can deny the fact that the face of our world is changing. It has almost been twenty years when I stood gazing in awe at the Vatnajökull glacier myself (seems like yesterday). Now, the Icelandic people are holding a funeral.

4.We don’t know where all of this is going to lead us, but it is better than just sitting back and doing nothing. Look at this rooftop farm in Brooklyn.

5.And this is a quote by Ovid which will be familiar to most of us: ‘Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.’ And that is why making small changes every day in our homes will ultimately get us a long way. So, instead of using strong washing-up liquid containing surfactants which are damaging to aquatic life and are also a hazard with young children in your home, why not try using a dishwashing block. I will certainly give it a go.

Have a good week!

Josephine x

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