Ecopicks November

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Natural Parenting


When the weather changed and it became increasingly difficult to let my little one run around in shorts and t-shirt outside, I became more inward-looking and hoped to find some inspiration for suitable indoor play. As my book went through its final stages before releasing it into the helpful hands of editors and publishers, I stumbled across ideas of implementing the Montessori Method at home. I have some new posts hanging about in my draft box about this, so do look out for them.

2)Wildlife Gardening with Toddlers

If you have a garden why not check out some of the wildlife gardening ideas here. They are very easy to do with young children and offer a helping hand to precious wildlife.

Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito… from Pixabay

Green Living@Home

1)Winter Gardening

You may want to think about a few simple steps you can take to prepare your garden for winter.

2) Easyecotips Blog

I have been following these guys on Instagram, but now their blog is here. Do have a look at this new blog with lots of great tips to help you make small but significant changes:

3) Biodegradable Plastics

There is always the danger of being greenwashed and thinking, well, it’s biodegradable, it goes on the compost. The thing is: it won’t!

Most of these materials need special conditions to properly biodegrade and the facilities we have haven’t kept up with the pace. Guess what, it all costs money. Find out more about the problems with biodegradable plastic here.

4) Eco-friendly Laundry

  • Making my laundry more eco-friendly was one of the first steps I took last year when I decided to make these changes real in my home life. I have tried soapnuts but this is definitely a new idea, with the added bonus that you may be able to harvest them yourself. Find out about using horse chestnuts for laundry
  • I have also stopped using delicates washes simply because I am mostly wearing functional clothing as the mother of a very young child. And here is another reason you may be surprised to hear: How delicates clothes wash releases more plastic fibres.
  • In terms of energy efficiency, these should be banned, of course, but for the occasional use, this can at least minimise the microplastic fibres: Dryer Egg
  • And another interesting thing which I have been preaching all along: I have been using natural sponges by LoofCo for a long time now and we really don’t need these nasty plastic sponges (those green and yellow things) in our kitchen (or plastic brushes for that matter). Let’s have a look at this viral video if you haven’t already done so: Why we don’t need kitchen sponges.

5)Natural Haircare and Soaps

I had a closer look at more natural body care options in my bathroom features (which are going to be continued soon). Here are some more options that are worth trying for more natural hair care and soaps.

6)Green Cleaning

And here are some retailers who are definitely worth having a look at if making your own cleaning agents is not something that can entice you or you find you really cannot manage.

Image by Mobibit from Pixabay

Green Planet

Alright, I am trying to keep this as positive as possible.

1) Ecobricks

Apart from using plastic fibres to make t-shirts, there is now an initiative to build Ecobricks from plastic waste.

2)Ocean Cleanup

It may seem like an impossible task but we need to start somewhere and not give up. If we can clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch with this Ocean cleanup device which has now successfully been launched, then it may be a step in the right direction (but where does it go afterwards, I wonder).

And then: STOP! producing all that rubbish.

3)Fossil Fuel Companies

The next bit isn’t very uplifting but it is always good to know your enemies.

Read here who are the big 20 fossil fuel culprits and companies who were implicated in the Amazon Fires last summer.

4)Climate Change

And to give us all more hope, read Eartheasy’s take on What you can do about climate change.


Have a good Halloween, Samhain or Witches’ New Year, All Saint’s Day or whatever it means to you. It is definitely a time of year we should celebrate as a restive period and allow ourselves to do it.

I have also decided to gather links and thoughts over a month and make Ecopicks a monthly post. Meanwhile, I’ll aim to write recipes, more in-depth features and product reviews if I have tried anything new.

Josephine x

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