How to set up a minimalist toddler friendly-home the Montessori way

Minimalism and Montessori Minimalism and the Montessori Method work surprisingly well together as I was able to find out myself over these past three weeks or so. I recently came across this method, although I had heard of it before. I still thought it was mainly reserved for specialist schools and not exactly something I … Continue reading How to set up a minimalist toddler friendly-home the Montessori way

Ecopicks November

Image by Valiphotos from Pixabay Natural Parenting 1)Montessori When the weather changed and it became increasingly difficult to let my little one run around in shorts and t-shirt outside, I became more inward-looking and hoped to find some inspiration for suitable indoor play. As my book went through its final stages before releasing it into … Continue reading Ecopicks November

Autumn Wildlife Gardening

As autumn is slipping gradually into winter in the northern hemisphere, I was trying to think of some small wildlife gardening projects you can do with a toddler. My little one was pretty disappointed after all the plums and apples had disappeared and composting and mulching is not exactly an enticement. And the watering can … Continue reading Autumn Wildlife Gardening

Homemade Deodorant Recipe

Homemade Deodorant can be a good alternative to conventional sprays and roll-ons. It is also a good way to reduce plastic waste and exposure to chemicals in your toiletry products. It is a very simple process, quick to make and most of all, it is also cheap. You will only need three ingredients plus water. … Continue reading Homemade Deodorant Recipe

Eco-friendly bathroom Step 2 – Dental Care

Some weeks ago, I started to outline some more eco-friendly options for your hair- and skincare. Now, at long last, here is "Step 2". #1 Toothbrushes Most dentists advise us to replace our toothbrushes every three months. Let's get the numbers right: that would be an estimated four toothbrushes per annum for every single person. … Continue reading Eco-friendly bathroom Step 2 – Dental Care