A poem for baby

As the due date for your baby to be born draws near, all you seem to do is attend appointments (midwife, antenatal classes, pregnancy yoga perhaps, maybe another scan, hospital tour) and making the final arrangements. You're trying to be on top of everything, getting organised to the "nth" degree only to realise "this" cannot …

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Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth Books – a Shortlist

Why would you put something on "shortlist"? Of course, there is still always the "longlist", and lots of it on there would undeniably still be worth reading. This shortlist however contains titles which I found eye-opening and essential for every mother-to-be (and their husbands/partners/parents) to read or dip in and out of. This is for …

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Healthy Pregnancy on a budget

The day we realise we are pregnant it seems to start: A constant stream of tips and advice of what we should or should not do, be it from friends and family, social media, websites or health professionals. Whilst this is very helpful when questions are asked and to alleviate our concerns and anxiety, especially …

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