5 ways to reduce your palm oil consumption

... at least sometimes! As I have outlined in my previous post, the ubiquitous usage of palm oil as a cheap ingredient causes utter devastation in rainforests, esp. in Indonesia on the island of Borneo and Sumatra where it drove the Orang Utan, the Sumatran tiger and elephant to near extinction. Only recently, it was … Continue reading 5 ways to reduce your palm oil consumption

What makes cheap vegetable oil unaffordable

Look at this picture to see how the rainforest on the tropical island of Borneo a disappearing at a staggering rate as this picture from rainforestsos.com shows: What might be the reason for this? If you have watched the recent BBC programme Red Ape: Saving the Orang Utan the chilling truth becomes very clear. Our cousins … Continue reading What makes cheap vegetable oil unaffordable

Plastic-free Supermarkets

It is just a little step but please show your support by signing this Greenpeace petition to urge supermarkets to ditch their plastic packaging. The quicker we get on with it the better! Thanks! We need to stop this:  

Cleaning up our shores

It does feel like cleaning up after other people. Despite feeling as though I were impersonating ancient Sisyphus  as he was pushing the heavy boulder up the hill, only to watch it roll down and having  to resume his toils all over again, I believe there were two benefits which potentially sprung from it: Firstly, trying … Continue reading Cleaning up our shores

Coffee cups and waste reduction

When we think about waste reduction, disposable coffee cups are maybe not the first thing that springs to mind. But then the coffee outlets such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Cafe Nero etc.  became well established one after the other throughout the 1990s and early 2000's and the "paper" cups and little plastic lids to avoid … Continue reading Coffee cups and waste reduction