Eco-friendly Bathroom Step 1 – Shampoo and Soaps

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay Eco-friendly = Plastic-free = Zero Waste? It is probably not quite as simple as that. Plastic-free. Yes. Zero Waste. Edging closer. We want to reduce packaging. This has been pretty much in close-up focus throughout all of "Plastic-free" July. But eco-friendly also means cutting back on harmful chemicals such as … Continue reading Eco-friendly Bathroom Step 1 – Shampoo and Soaps

Eco-friendly Travel Kit 2019

Eco-friendly travel kits are the way to go if you are serious about plastic-reduction. It also goes a long way while trying to minimise your exposure to nasty chemicals as well as your carbon footprint by cutting out palm-oil and fossil fuel-based products. I'll delve right into it as I am trying to get into … Continue reading Eco-friendly Travel Kit 2019