Eco Picks December

Christmas is fast approaching, so let's consider celebrating it more sustainably. I have successfully avoided being sucked into the Black Friday or Cyber Monday craziness. In fact, it would have completely passed me by had it not been for some invidious emails and adverts. Let's have a look at some of the points that can … Continue reading Eco Picks December

Ecoconscious Living News

It's time for the weekly selection of links - again. We are now definitely saying goodbye to summer and getting the last of our summer fruit in. It is an intensive time, with lots of preserving, baking and enjoying the last few days of warm-ish sunshine. In some ways, this makes you think though... 1)How … Continue reading Ecoconscious Living News

Ecoconscious Living News

1.The "Big Climate Conversation" is an event hosted by the Scottish Government across the country. And I will be going to this event. And I am going to bring my daughter. I hope she'll be able to keep still (quite a challenge for an 18-months old toddler). Some very important questions are going to be … Continue reading Ecoconscious Living News

Ecoconscious Living News

5 Green Footprints I had to miss last week's news' post due to my toddler's illness. She is now recovered, so I can now concentrate on what's going on in the world of green and zero waste living. 1.I was thrilled to hear that the Indian tiger population has made a remarkable recovery thanks to … Continue reading Ecoconscious Living News

Five Green Footprints

Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito... from Pixabay Another week has passed packed full of news about great initiatives by individuals and groups around the globe. 1.A Canadian Supermarket has created plastic bags with embarrassing captions printed on them. Reason? To discourage customers to keep asking for them. This has backfired as these bags emblazoned … Continue reading Five Green Footprints