“50 ways to go green with your baby” 

(First part of the”Little Green Parent Series”)

is going to be published in spring next year (March/April 2019).


It aims at giving you a concise overview on how to go green with your baby and explains some of the usual pitfalls and consumer traps we are all so susceptible to at this very special time of our lives. It is not only relevant for parents but is also a good read for other relatives and friends of the family. It discloses a lot of relevant information on chemical exposure and the health hazards involved.

The first part of the series focuses on early and later babyhood (birth – 12 months). Additional volumes, Toddler, Pre-School and Children are planned as a follow-up. A book on organic/non-toxic pregnancy is also going to be added in the near future.

There are nine chapters in the book. In each of them, I have been trying to look closely at what makes up baby’s world and what we can do to achieve the fine balance between necessities and the little extra treat without losing sight of what is most important. See the chapters below.

  1. “Feeding and Sleeping”
  2. “Equipment and Clothing”
  3. “Nappies”
  4. “Toiletries”
  5. “Health and Medication”
  6. “Play”
  7. “Outdoors with Baby”
  8. “Mindfulness”

Please have a look at a sample chapter which I hope will get you interested in finding out more about some simple changes with a great effect on both your baby’s life and that of your whole family.





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