New Year’s Resolutions?

They normally make me cringe. But as the New Year is only a week old, I thought it worthwhile to comment on this. I for one don't believe it is feasible because most people would ditch their gym membership by the end of January if only they could as they have signed up for 12 months …

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The Garden Hotel

When it comes to protecting insects or bugs (which already sounds a bit annoying, frankly) we are faced with certain challenges. In advocating their case we can't benefit from the cuddly effect which is often so helpful with other species, especially our closest relatives, mammals (although I'd rather face a wasp in the wild than …

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The use of pesticides in agriculture

  A few years ago, I discussed this problem with my stepfather. He was adamant, as you would expect from somebody who has spent the majority of his adult life working for the German company Bayer. Bayer is now styling itself as a "Life Sciences company with core competencies in healthcare and agriculture". Just have …

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