Caring for your baby’s skin the green way

Let's be honest: you won't need a whole battery of products that are enough to stock a wellness and beauty studio in order to keep your little one's skin soft, supple and sweet smelling. As we walk through the aisles at the local supermarket we come to realise, that a baby has about as many … Continue reading Caring for your baby’s skin the green way

On Cloth Nappies

I was usually met with either horrified looks or on the other end of the scale almost roaring applause when I announced that I was planning to use cloth nappies instead of disposables on my new baby. My daughter is now 7 weeks old and I have been using them right from the start. To … Continue reading On Cloth Nappies

A poem for baby

As the due date for your baby to be born draws near, all you seem to do is attend appointments (midwife, antenatal classes, pregnancy yoga perhaps, maybe another scan, hospital tour) and making the final arrangements. You're trying to be on top of everything, getting organised to the "nth" degree only to realise "this" cannot … Continue reading A poem for baby

The “things” baby needs…

You hear it time and time again: “Children are just so expensive!” You need new furniture, all the clothing, a complete sterilising system for the bottles (ever heard of breastfeeding?), bucket loads of pampers (ever heard of old fashioned cloth nappies?), decorate the nursery (coupled with a lot of anxiety if it should be pink … Continue reading The “things” baby needs…