Five Green Footprints

It is already a week into "Plastic-free July" and posts on tips and ideas on how to do this are dominating the media. Here are a few of the top picks. 1.Greenpeace is currently drawing out a plan to protect our oceans: The Global Ocean Treaty. Apart from plastic pollution, oceans face their greatest threats by industrial … Continue reading Five Green Footprints

Homemade Granola quick and easy

Homemade granola is a good alternative to well-known brands like Kellog's, Nestlé or supermarket-owned ones. They usually contain too much sugar and the packaging is hardly ever recyclable. Even if it says so on the packet, there is no guarantee the council will take it. Other issues are the microplastics which can come off the … Continue reading Homemade Granola quick and easy

How to make mince pies without a biscuit cutter

While I am hoping you have all emerged from the festive period with some ambitious (or perhaps not so ambitious) resolutions for the New year, my apologies in advance for this post - I am already blogging about the next Christmas theme. And quite a British one at that. I for one had never heard … Continue reading How to make mince pies without a biscuit cutter

Home-made yoghurt and plastic-waste reduction

Apart from plastic bags we use for shopping and plastic wrapped around vegetables in supermarkets, one of the main components of our plastic waste is yoghurt tubs. You mostly won't be able to up-or recycle them, esp. if multiple materials are used such as plastic, paper and film, which most of them do. And yet … Continue reading Home-made yoghurt and plastic-waste reduction