Christmas over-consumption or: Ways to a more sustainable Christmas

It seems to be the same thing every year - a race to outdo one another, no one wants to be left out and you can't be seen giving less or fewer items than you did the year before. "You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry; You'd better not pout, I'm telling you why..." …

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6 steps to a more eco-friendly bathroom

While I was trying to minimize the waste in my kitchen by cutting down on single use plastic and reduce the amount of chemicals for cleaning purposes, I was on the lookout for other potential sources. Not surprisingly, the bathroom scored quite high. In this post, I'm only going to explore the first few steps …

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14 uses of bicarbonate soda as a cleaning agent

... or travelling up and down the pH-scale. Well, obviously it is also edible. You can add it to your baking and it is even supposed to help with reflux or heartburn. It is possible to use it as a water softener, odour remover, scrubbing agent and/or mild abrasive. You can use it in the …

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Eco-friendly cleaning on a budget

In one of my previous posts, I outlined briefly what products I had found in my kitchen cupboard. In the meantime, these have all been replaced with just 5-6 ingredients with an average cost of about £2 per pack, all of which can then be used as versatile ingredients to make laundry liquid, washing up …

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Homemade multipurpose spray

For this one, you'll need the peel of citrus fruit, white vinegar and a storage glass. I found this recipe on a brilliant site called smarticular which contains a lot of similar resources and I am going to try every one of those that will help me replace and/or reduce the aggressive chemicals in my household …

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Eco-friendly cleaning: start-up

On the quest towards a more eco-friendly life, it is easy to despair once you realise how much plastic is part of our everyday life, along with multiple ingredients in cleaning products and skin care products etc. that are anything but eco-friendly. So where should we start? I decided to begin with my kitchen cupboard. …

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Homemade laundry liquid

I was a bit sceptical at first and then I gave it a go and tried it: my first homemade laundry liquid. I skipped the stage to go entirely botanical though, as you can find suggestions to simply use ivy as a basis and where I live that stuff is absolutely ubiquitous strangling every other tree …

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On Cloth Nappies

I was usually met with either horrified looks or on the other end of the scale almost roaring applause when I announced that I was planning to use cloth nappies instead of disposables on my new baby. My daughter is now 7 weeks old and I have been using them right from the start. To …

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Plastic-free Life – Taking Action

It's not enough to moan and then shrug your shoulders thinking: "Poor little me, what can I do?" In response to the rather bleak outlook in one of my earlier posts, I thought about alternatives and how we can take positive action instead of scapegoating and always relying on somebody else to do it. Please …

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Plastic-free Supermarkets

It is just a little step but please show your support by signing this Greenpeace petition to urge supermarkets to ditch their plastic packaging. The quicker we get on with it the better! Thanks! We need to stop this: