Homemade Granola quick and easy

Homemade granola is a good alternative to well-known brands like Kellog's, Nestlé or supermarket-owned ones. They usually contain too much sugar and the packaging is hardly ever recyclable. Even if it says so on the packet, there is no guarantee the council will take it. Other issues are the microplastics which can come off the … Continue reading Homemade Granola quick and easy

Five Green Footprints

Hello, it's Monday. Again. July. Warm. Thunder-y. Breezy. Hot. Despite or because of all this, I hope you'll enjoy some of the links below. 1.When I was looking for some new Bamboo toothbrushes for me and my family last week, I spotted this rather inspiring site &Keep. Along with sites like Big Green Smile, the … Continue reading Five Green Footprints

Five Green Footprints

I'll start off with some more regional news this week if you don't mind me. I am sure though that these bits of uplifting news are representative of what is going on in our society across the globe at present. Let's be optimistic! 1.Zero Waste Space is based in Dumfries & Galloway and is creating … Continue reading Five Green Footprints

Update to “Menstrual Cups”

A few weeks ago, I wrote about menstrual cups and reusable pads and pointed out the positive steps every one of us could take towards a healthier and more sustainable period by switching to these products. Unfortunately, most people still don't know about them and campaigns to fight period poverty in schools mainly concentrate on … Continue reading Update to “Menstrual Cups”

3 steps to a more sustainable period – about menstrual cups and reusable pads

This is still a topic that will make a lot of people feel somewhat awkward, but just like breastfeeding it is something which is so much part of our biological make-up as a female mammal, it shouldn't require a second thought. As a teenager, I spent a lot of time wondering about how "they" did … Continue reading 3 steps to a more sustainable period – about menstrual cups and reusable pads