Eco Picks

Hi there, I can't believe it's Thursday already! Now here is a quick update: the name of the weekly column is going to be changed into "Eco Picks". I'll continue to stick to five topics a week. Eco Picks are only meant to offer a short glimpse, while other topics are going to be covered … Continue reading Eco Picks

Ecoconscious Living News

1.There has been a lot of theorising going on. Words like overshoot or systemic change are directly linked to climate change. Given that we are not only dealing with words or theoretical concepts but very real threats, learning a bit more about it will help to get us all up to date. What are we … Continue reading Ecoconscious Living News

Ecoconscious Living News

It's that time again already! I have some more links lined up for you this week, although the fact that the Amazon rainforest is on fire is unlikely to have escaped you. Plastic was very much in focus throughout the whole of July, now climate change is right at the forefront - which is a … Continue reading Ecoconscious Living News

Ecoconscious Living News

1.The "Big Climate Conversation" is an event hosted by the Scottish Government across the country. And I will be going to this event. And I am going to bring my daughter. I hope she'll be able to keep still (quite a challenge for an 18-months old toddler). Some very important questions are going to be … Continue reading Ecoconscious Living News

Climate Emergency @gretathunberg

The Scottish Government has now declared a "Climate Emergency". To most of us, especially if you are under 30, this is synonymous with one name or rather one person: Greta Thunberg. Before I continue, let me make this declaration: I am fully aware that I am going to move on to thin ice with this … Continue reading Climate Emergency @gretathunberg